Three Affirmations for a Discouraged Spirit

Often we are our worst critic. Whether at work, at home, or in a social setting, the lens we train on ourselves can be brutally harsh. Before we know it, the faults we find in our actions, words, even our appearance, can weigh us down. Our spirit suffers. We can feel very, very discouraged and hesitate to try again, if we’ve failed, or forge into new friendships, jobs, or situations that could be very beneficial – if we felt more resilient.

Here are three powerful affirmations for when our spirit is discouraged, and we feel unworthy of the things we most want to have, achieve, and be:

I am strong. Think of other times you have been challenged, weighed down, and discouraged. Remember how you came through those times, learned from them, and moved ahead. The strength and courage you had then have not abandoned you. They are still present, ready for you to use, now.

I am not alone. When we are discouraged, we might feel very alone, as if the world is moving on without us. We need support in these times – and it is available to us. The friend who will answer when you call. The family member who knows you so well. The counselor with the keen insight. The faith community that gathers to pray. These people and others are with you. Your call for help is their call to action.

I am a problem solver. The tangle of life’s problems can seem insurmountable at times. Just thinking of all the issues needing to be addressed can stymie us and cause us to freeze. But one of the most amazing things about living is our ability to solve problems – if we let the spirit blossom and our imaginations take flight. If we think “There’s nothing I can do,” then there won’t be. But if we think, “I am going to work on this until the problem is solved,”then it can be.


Money Magnetism

Money Magnetism is about cash flow. Everybody wants cash flow but the question is, how can we get more cash to flow to us?

Cash will always flow to individuals and business who solve problems.

The key to massive wealth is to position yourself as the most sought after person in your business, marketplace or company.  You want to be the ultimate “problem solver”. People will literally throw money at you if you have the ability to identify their pressing problems – and then become the solution. It’s that simple.

If you are working for someone else, keep in mind that the only reason you are making the amount of money you are now is because you have not made yourself overqualified for that position.  You can do that by solving your company’s immediate problems. You may resist this idea, but it’s the truth. You are getting paid what you are worth, whether you agree with it or not.

If your business is not prospering then you are not solving enough pressing problems.  Ask yourself this question, “What solution can I offer to people who have a specific desire, a specify craving or a specific yearning?”

Solving problems is the “secret” to all wealth creation.  Ask Bill Gates and he will tell you that’s how he made his BILLIONS. You can do it too!