How to Deal with People Who Make You Angry.

How to Deal with People Who Make You Angry.

Do you often feel irritated and annoyed by other people?
Do you find yourself blaming others for your frustrations?
Do you get angry about people who you think are rude, inconsiderate, incompetent, annoying, or indifferent?
There is a simple way of dealing with how you feel, and it’s this… Realize that your reaction is actually YOUR problem!
Yes, you’ve read right. The problem isn’t ‘them’; it’s you… or, more accurately, the problem is how you react to them.
When you allow yourself to react adversely (even if you think it justified) to some external happening or event, your emotional response will cause problems for you.
Your adverse reaction will eat at you, consume you, create tension, potentially give you stomach pains or a headache, and drain you of energy and happiness.
Wouldn’t you sooner give your thoughts and time to something more positive?
Whenever you feel the emotional hackles rising, focus on responding in a peaceful and calm way. Take a deep breath (or several). Count to 60. As you do so, let go of the need to respond or react in a negative emotional way.
Other people will always create testing situations. That’s the way it is. The secret is responding in a way that is calm, compassionate, nurturing (for self & others), and accepting, so as to navigate through whatever challenge presents itself without adverse effects.
So, next time you point the finger at someone or feel angry because of something they say or do, change how you react. Breathe and count to 60. Let it go, and get on with the much more interesting and fulfilling things in your life.
Today’s quote:
‘Your life is the fruit of your own doing. You have no one to blame but yourself.’ – Joseph Campbell  (DJS)

Create Positive Change

We all have certain beliefs, expectations, and patterns of thought about certain subjects that seem natural to us because we have practiced those thoughts for so long. The number one reason it’s hard to get out of a rut or create change is because we keep thinking the same thoughts about a given subject. Jolt yourself out of an energy rut by forcing your mind to view things from a different, more favorable perspective, and then try to hold that new perspective for as long as possible.

As they say, madness is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you are wanting something to be different in your life, or just wanting to create some excitement, the change has to start with you. There are no boring lives, only boring people. So if you want a different result, take a different action, even a small one.

A lot of times when people want something or someone in their life to be different, they automatically start from a place of negativity and lack, undermining the change they hope to create. Thinking, “I hate my job, I wish I had a different one,” will manifest more experiences to reinforce that belief. A simple shift to, “I’m grateful for having a job and am in the process of creating an even better one,” can have a huge impact. The new statement vibrates with and attracts experiences of appreciation and hope rather than desperation.

Always act as if what you want is already on its way, that it’s part of your life already. What’s showing up in your life isn’t necessarily what you want. You’re getting a reflection of what you already believe about yourself and your world. A belief in lack creates more lack. Creating change from a place of appreciation and abundance is much more powerful.

All of your power is exactly in the Now. The past and future are literally figments of our imagination, tools for the mind to string experiences together. The Universe only understands now, now, now. Take advantage of the infinite potential each moment holds when it is unclouded by regrets from the past and worries about the future.

Remember, changing your energy in the current moment is literally shaping what you will attract down the road. So get happy now and make an investment in your future!

Ten Tips for Using the Law of Attraction

1.  Your thoughts create your reality. If you think thoughts of lack, self-doubt, poverty, poor health, etc.,  then that is what you will experience.

2.  If you are not sure what your thoughts are, then simply ask yourself  “How do I feel?”  If you feel unsettled, it is your indicator that your thoughts are not aligned with creating an extraordinary life.

3.  If you notice too many negative thoughts and don’t know how to change them, get started by writing down as many things as possible that you are grateful for. Each day reflect on this list with genuine gratitude.

4.  Appreciation is the antidote of fear. Appreciate each and every day, and everyone in it.

5.  Take responsibility for changing your thoughts. I found this very difficult in the beginning, because I was so used to thinking negatively. I was kind of hooked on them, because I got to play the victim! When I chose to take responsibility for my thoughts, no exceptions, they started to change.

6.  Write down your goals very clearly. Use the SMART model if it helps:

                      S – Simple, specific
                     M – Measurable
                     A – Attractive, stated ‘as if’ you already have it
                     R – Realistic
                     T – Timed – when will it be in your life? 

For example, “It is Christmas 2014 and I am standing on the balcony of my beach house with my family.  
I’ve  enjoyed an exciting, fun and rewarding year.  I have banked $__________, invested $__________, and I feel wonderful.”

7.  Think about your goals daily, and with feelings of appreciation for them being in your life – your mind does not know the difference between the reality outside of you and the reality in your mind.

8.  Never, ever, ever give up on your dream. Get more determined each day to experience your goals in your lifetime.

9.  Read everything you can on how others achieved their goals, and if it suits you, do what they did.

10.  Take action!  Nothing can replace action. One step each day towards the achievement of your goals will bring them into your life. Don’t have ‘spurts’ of action then nothing for days or weeks. Do something every day.

Why Use a Life Coach?

Can you remember when you were a child and everything was possible, when no goal was unattainable?  Working with a life coach helps you rediscover that level of possibility and brings any goal within your reach.

Do you wonder why you set goals – maybe even the same goal – over and over and never reach it?  Did you know that there are several levels to goal setting, and each one increases your chances of success? 

If you have an idea, you already have a 10% chance of making it happen.

If you make a conscious decision about when you’ll do something, you have a 40% chance of doing it.

If you create a plan, you have a 50% chance of taking action.

If you make a commitment to someone else, you have a 65% chance of carrying it out.

If you make an appointment to report back to that person with a progress report, you have a 95% chance of going through with it.    

If you do all this, plus have someone to cheer you on, hold you accountable, and keep you on track…YOU CAN’T LOSE!   You can’t win the race if you don’t know where you’re going!  Christian life coaching helps you train for the race of life. It helps you to clarify your goals and remember where you’re headed and why.

“Throw off everything that hinders and the sin that easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus … so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.” Heb 12:1-3

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