How to Find Peace in a Busy World !

How to Find Peace in a Busy World

Do you feel life is one big rush from the moment you wake up?Are you struggling to find time for yourself?

Time to relax is absolutely vital for health and well-being so here’s my guide to finding peace in your day…

# Do a life audit! Reflect on how you spend your time each day and let go of the ‘stuff’ that isn’t really important. This might free-up an hour or two. Use this free time wisely. Relax!

# Get organized! De-clutter your work-space as well as your mind. Life flows easier when there are fewer obstacles.

# Don’t be a slave to your self and your schedules. Know that taking a break is healthy and revitalizing. Get into the good habit of making time to relax.

# Say ‘No!’ more if saying ‘yes’ mean over-committing yourself. If you’re too busy, how can you possibly find time to enjoy life?

# Feeling the pressure? Take a walk in the park. Being around nature is healing, and walking boosts the circulation of feel-good hormones, which help counteracts stress.

# Learn to breathe properly. When you focus on correct breathing, you can use it to find a sense of deep peace even in the most challenging situations.

# Stop worrying about the past and the future. What’s done is done, and the future hasn’t even been written. Settle in the moment because that’s all that really matters.

Finding peace in a busy world is really your choice. You can allow life’s activities to rule you or you can make space each day to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life.

What do you choose?

Enjoy your day! (DJS)


Get the Energy to Achieve Your Goals

Let’s take a minute to think about using energy to achieve goals.  Suppose you have taken the time to write down your goals and create a plan for reaching them. You have even started to take action and are making some progress. However, depending on how big your goals are, you will need a continuous flow of physical and mental energy to see them through to the end. If you run out of energy, your goals will run out on you! I have seen this happen time and time again. How can we consistently renew our energy to sustain us until we reach our goals?

I’m not a health professional or claim to be an expert, but there are some simple things I have found personally effective for creating an abundance of energy. Here’s a few that have made a difference for me right away:

1) Get enough sleep

Opinions vary about the optimum amount of sleep an adult needs, but in general experts land in the range of 6-8 solid hours of sleep per day. When we don’t get enough sleep, we experience what some term Sleep Debt.  A large Sleep Debt (excessive or continual deprivation of rest) causes mental, emotional and physical fatigue.  A study by Turner, Drummond, Salamat & Brown showed how working memory is negatively impacted by Sleep Debt.  Working memory is what your brain uses to keep information ready and accessible for higher-level cognitive functions such as decision making, reasoning, and episodic memory.  In a nutshell, sleep helps you think better!

2) Drink more water and eat water rich foods

You’ve heard it before, and it’s true: water is key for maintaining energy. Did you know you can also boost energy levels by eating more water-rich foods like fruits, vegetables and sprouts?  Look at some of the most powerful animals in the world – they’re herbivores! This reminds me of a good friend of mine who is a vegetarian. He is over 55 years old, but looks like he’s 35. He’s in great physical shape and has an amazing amount of physical energy.

3) Learn effective breathing exercises.

When we think about our breath, we typically focus on drawing air into our bodies.  That’s the part we don’t want to mess up, right?  But breathing OUT is also of vital importance in keeping high levels of energy. This is why yoga focuses so much on breathing effectively. Deep breathing (both in AND out), usually accomplished through some kind of aerobic exercise, helps your lymphatic system clean toxins out of your blood stream, keeping our blood cells healthy. As you know, toxins steal your energy, so keep breathing!

These seem ridiculously easy, and they are, so give them your conscious attention for just a few weeks – even days – and watch what happens to your energy level. Remember, keep your energy high and it will fuel your success!

The Happiness Bank

When asked about their goal, someone said, “To be happy.” Why would that be a goal, when it’s something you can have right now? Being happy is about making more decisions, saying yes to more opportunities, doing things that stretch you and contributing beyond yourself. For me coaching has provided all of this and so much more, but when I first looked at coaching I was afraid of failing and of not being good enough, so I procrastinated.

I kept seeing ALL the steps needed to be a coach, which terrified me. It looked daunting and unmanageable and too much for me, so I kept putting off the decision to learn how to be a coach.

I wasn’t a happy person back then. Every time I pulled back from decisions I eroded some of my confidence. The more I procrastinated, the more I could beat up on myself for not being good enough. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy, and I was ultimately frozen with fear.

When I decided to only focus on the next step, I could manage it more easily. I still felt anxious, but less so, and because I was calmer, there was room for some positive thinking in there as well… like, maybe I can do this?

I’ve come a long way since then. Now I feel happier each day. It’s no longer a goal. I’ve learned that playing it safe is dangerous to our self-esteem, so I choose to make the most of every day. The more decisions I make, the more I say yes to possibilities, the more I stretch myself and contribute to those around me, the better I feel.

Each and every day you are either adding to or subtracting from your Happiness Bank. The decisions you don’t make subtract from your Happiness Bank and the decisions you do make add to your Happiness Bank. The longer we sit and “wonder” what to do, the lower the account goes. And no matter what we believe, fear, wonder or ponder, right now we are either adding or subtracting to The Bank.

I aim every day to ADD to my Happiness Bank, and I know I alone am responsible for it. I didn’t know that ten years ago, but I wish I had.