Benefits of Life Coaching – Part I

A Safe Place to Explore Your Options and Feel Your Feelings

The primary benefit of life coaching is that it gives you a listening ear and sounding board in a safe, non-judgmental, confidential environment – somewhere to explore your ideas and get constructive feedback.

 When you encounter major changes in your life – a new job, a move, the death of a loved one, or retirement – you face uncertainty and need to readjust. While friends, family and churches give support and encouragement, you still have to make the decisions and do the work.  Your loved ones will love you no matter what you decide.  But how do you decide?  A life coach is an objective guide to the answers you seek.  Coaching provides practical, real-world help in assessing your new life, find new career options, change your lifestyle, get appropriate training, re-evaluate your finances, and find information so you can be sure the path you choose is the best one for you.

 Life coaching encourages you to explore your options and reawakens your true passions so you can line up your life with what’s important to you.  How many of these do you want to do?  Check ALL that apply:

____  take your dreams off the shelf

____ anticipate what you could become

____ overcome self-defeating habits and insecurities

____ manage relationships

____ develop new competencies

____ learn effective ways to keep improving

____ maintain greater awareness

____ discover what you really want from life

____ decide what’s most important to you

____ set priorities and keep your focus on what matters most

____ make better, more informed decisions

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