The Lenten Season of 2018

Grace and peace to you from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! I pray that the One who has done great things in the past will do great things in the coming days for you! He is a wonder-worker! He is able!

We both know that God is everywhere all the time, otherwise God isn’t God. Yet as much as God is everywhere, there are ways and places in which He manifests His power that are particular.

Though God is indeed everywhere, His (what I call) “Heaven-Splitting Force” doesn’t occur everywhere at all times does it? No, there are specific and particular places where God manifests His glory, both in Scripture and in your life!

We are currently in the Lenten Season, that 40-day period prior to Resurrection Sunday when the church, since the first century, has set herself apart to seek the face of God, humble herself and prepare for the celebration of Resurrection. Despite what you probably have heard about it, Lent is a season marked by God moving in power.

Some of you may have heard negative things about Lent; however, those who “demonize” it actually are quite ignorant of church history. Usually these people just quote John Calvin from 500 years ago and his strong reaction to the pope in his day.  God was moving long before John Calvin showed up on the scene; and some of the greatest doctors of the church long before Calvin’s arrival deeply honored the Lenten Season and set themselves to seek the face of God.

Rest assured, Lent isn’t just a Roman Catholic observation. Most Protestant denominations worldwide observe the Lenten Season, and this includes Pentecostals and charismatics!

During the Lenten Season, many passages of Scripture are read that you and I love because they speak about God moving in power, about God moving in Heaven-Splitting Force.

For example, favorite Lenten passages include:

The Baptism of Jesus (Mark 1:9-13). In this passage, we read about what happened at the Jordan River, when the heavens were ripped, or “split” open (Mark’s Gospel uses that term) and the Spirit of God descended on Jesus, driving him into the wilderness to be tested and tempted for 40 days (which is what Lent focuses on).

The Crossing of the Jordan by Elijah and Elisha (2 Kings 2: 1-14). This Lenten text is about when the Jordan was split “here and there” and the two prophets walked across it on dry ground. The heavens were then ripped (“split”) open by chariots of fire and Elijah and Elisha were separated. Then Elisha returned to the Jordan with the mantle and split the river open again to return into the Promised Land with power from on high!

What if you are personally truly coming into a change of seasons? What if, in this Lenten Season, God wants to do something in particular for you that carries with it the kind of Heaven-Splitting Force that occurred when:

Elijah parted the waters of the Jordan for he and Elisha to pass over on dry ground before the mantle passed from the prophet to the protégé?
Elijah and Elisha were walking and talking and chariots of fire separated the two of them so that Elijah ascended by whirlwind into Heaven?

Elisha picked up the fallen mantle of Elijah and went back to the Jordan River and the same Heaven-Splitting Force that caused Elijah to part those waters operated in the same way in Elisha’s life?

I am persuaded that a new era is dawning that hasn’t fully come yet. I have been saying this for a while now, and though it is an in-between time, if we will continue carrying our own cross, experiencing the crucified life, allowing God to bury those things that are part of our former season, and lay aside every weight, leaning into the promise of resurrection, we will see Heaven-Splitting Force in our lives.