Going With The Flow

Going With The Flow Of Life
Where does energy come from?
Hard question to answer, since it shows up in many different ways.
On a very basic, fundamental physics level, there’s the energy that moves matter. And since Einstein proved that energy IS matter, it’s pretty safe to say that the ENTIRE UNIVERSE is made of the same “stuff.”
What is that stuff? What is the nature of that stuff? How does that stuff make two people that look very similar behave very differently?
Even the same person in two different situations?
On some days, we’re “on.” Everything we do works. Lights are green, doors are opened, ALL of our jokes are funny, and people seem to genuinely enjoy being with us and talking to us.
Other days, it’s like the entire universe is like an impatient parent. “Not now! Please leave me alone!”
Nobody laughs at your jokes, every single light is red, there’s NEVER any parking spaces.
What gives?
Is it random chance? It can’t be random. Since the laws of physics, chemistry and biology seem to keep working.
Our arms suddenly don’t detach from our bodies and float out in space. The tires on our cars suddenly don’t start sliding all over the road as if the laws of friction have taken the day off.
The answer may lie with our own ACCEPTANCE of our energy. Whether we let it flow through us, or whether we fight it, consciously or unconsciously.
Many of the things we’d like to do in life don’t require we do MORE stuff, but they require we do LESS stuff.
For example, if you see an interesting person, for business or friendship, you may want to talk to them.
You don’t need to learn how to talk. You don’t need to learn how to walk over there. You don’t need to take whatever they say, and riff on it to build a mutually enjoyable conversation.
All of these things are natural human skills. Hard wired into our brains.
However, you DO need to get out of your own way. Stop fighting with your natural energy and enthusiasm. STOP spinning those stories in your mind of what MIGHT go wrong.
Humans are social creatures, after all. We are also creators, builders, inventors, and explorers.
It’s just a matter of ACCEPTING your energy, and let it flow uninhibited.
THAT’S what it means to be fully human.
Are You Ready?    (DJS)

One comment on “Going With The Flow

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    Your blog provided us valuable information to work on.
    You have done a extraordinary job!

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