Where Will Your Journey Take You?

Where will Your Journey Take You?
They say the biggest migration in human history was the California gold rush.
Countless people from the East Coast of the United States moved to the West Coast, when gold was discovered in 1849.
Now, that is a long journey. One a lot of people didn’t make. And the ones who were successful didn’t all find huge golden nuggets.
But there’s something with humans that gets us going on long journeys. So long as we believe there’s something at the end, we’ll get moving.
Some believe this exists on a very deep and subconscious level. Previous human migrations were based on massive climate change. Those that had the desire to uproot and move survived. Those who were content to sit around and wait to see how things played out didn’t.
Today, we still have the deep urge. Only it’s not always an urge to move physically. But it’s there.
Learning, creating, finding new ways to express ourselves.
If we don’t have SOME form of forward momentum, it’s easy to feel lost, stuck and even like there’s “no point.”
Especially today, when good jobs are vanishing faster than ice cubes on a summer sidewalk, it’s hard to find your place.
The good news is that any kind of forward momentum will help. Any kind of small project, exercise program, personal financial goal is better than just sitting around waiting for something to happen.
You were put here to do something great. The purpose of your life is to find out what that is.
Nobody is going to tell you. Nobody is going to hold your hand. Nobody is going to show you the way.
It’s scary, it’s risky, and it’s anything but guaranteed.
But taking bold action in the face of uncertainty is the very juice of life. The reward wouldn’t be so sweet if it was easy.
Since you’re reading this now, you must have SOME idea of your life’s dreams. Your purpose.
Have you started?
Far into the future, when you’ve long passed, what will you be remembered for? What will your contribution be?
What will be your life’s masterpiece?
You are the Hero of your life.
Choose your Journey, and get started.



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