The Rewards Of Waiting

The Rewards of Waiting

Read | Psalm 33:12-22

We have all experienced many times of waiting—in doctors’ offices, traffic jams, or checkout lines. While there, we have nothing to do but wait for our turn. In God’s kingdom, waiting is defined as an active stillness—active because we are continuing in our present situation, and still because we are focusing our attention on Him for guidance. A lifestyle of active stillness requires a purposeful and expectant attitude, a patient and determined frame of mind, and a prayerful and obedient heart.

There are rewards for waiting on the Lord. One involves receiving the supernatural strength needed for godly living. When we feel overwhelmed, we might be tempted to get out of step with God. Even though we know He is calling us to keep a steady pace, we may start lagging behind. At other times, our schedules leave us little time to think. So we make quick decisions, pushing ahead of Him. In either case, we risk becoming weary and emotionally spent because we are operating in our own strength. Patiently waiting on God will bring us the physical energy and emotional reserves we need to keep going.

Here are two additional benefits of waiting: discovering God’s will, which is always for our good (Rom. 8:28), and gaining spiritual victory in life’s trials.

Our omniscient and omnipotent God is always right on time. It is we who leave too early or arrive too late. Pick a situation in which you are tempted to overrule the Lord’s perfect timing. Then submit to Him, realizing the issue is a matter of trust.    (DJS)


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