Making IT Easy!

Making It Easy!

A lot of companies have these “team building” getaways.

Where they go do something outdoors, that’s pretty scary.

The theory is that when they work together, to overcome some kind of physical “danger,” it will strengthen their relationship, making them better workers.

I remember when I went airborne the first time. I was scared as heck beginning training at Ft. Campbell, KY. and right up to jumping out of the plane, but after that, it was pretty amazing.

Once the initial terror went away, it literally felt like flying. Then when I landed, I felt like I was on top of the world. I was now a 101st airborne Eagle…and screaming Eagle!

Like I could do anything.

However, that feeling was gone within an hour. I felt the same as before my jump experience.

They say that you get the confidence after you do the thing.

While this is true, there’s a couple things they DON’T say about this.

One is the “confidence” that you get is generally attached to that particular thing.

Two is that “confidence” doesn’t usually last very long.

Another thing I noticed is that the people who went airborne had lot’s of other fears or issues to work through. (Just because they could jump from a plane did not mean they were fearless people.)

I figured since they’d conquered their airborne fear, they would be ultra achievers who could do anything. I figured I could do anything!

That wasn’t the case. Most of them were regular people, with regular army(MOS) jobs, who spent most of their extra income on their “hobbies.”

(And interestingly enough, a lot of them smoked. A lot.)

Sure, it is possible to get confidence the “old fashioned way.”

Just DO IT, like they say in the commercial, but that’s pretty tough. And it doesn’t last long. You’ve got to keep DOING IT or else you’ll slip back down to where you started.

Is there another way?

Why yes, there is!

Instead of relying on your cave man (or cave woman) programming to consider the possible outcome of what you’re thinking about doing, you can consciously build up the positive, while minimizing the negative.

The more you do this, the easier it will seem, and the more self confidence you’ll naturally have.

Now, this IS a skill, not a magic pill. It will take some practice.

But once you get into the habit of doing it, you’ll find there’s LOTS of things out there that aren’t NEARLY as terrifying as most people think.

What would YOU like to make easy? (DJS)


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