How To Become A Kid Again!

How To Become A Kid Again!

Little kids are amazing.

They are both fearless and adorable at the same time.

They speak without worrying about what people will say.

Now, if you’re a parent this isn’t so great. But if you’re like me, and you enjoy other people’s kids, this is pretty fun to watch.

They have ZERO problems standing up in the middle of a crowd and shouting whatever’s on their mind.

Again, this is pretty embarrassing for the parents sometimes, but this fearlessness is precisely why kids are so adorable.

We don’t have to try and guess what they mean, or interpret the multiple layers of body language and facial expressions.

They are just pure, open, fearless energy.

Maybe they remind us the way we used to be. Maybe they remind us when times were a lot simpler. Who knows.

But it’s pretty widely agreed upon that one (there are MANY) measures of the “quality” of the adult is whether or not they like kids.

When I was a kid, there was a old lady who lived next door who HATED kids. At least we thought so. We’d be playing outside, and she’d peek out through the window and scare the heck out of us.

Now, she may have loved kids, but didn’t know how to talk to them. Who knows.

This is a funny thing that happens to us as we get older.

Communication becomes harder. More complicated. There’s more risk, more at stake.

That natural outgoing “pureness” gets covered up by a layer of careful protection, anxiety, and sometimes fear.

The problem is that when people watch us, and they see us not being as outgoing as we’d like to be, they assume all kinds of things about us.

Maybe we don’t like them. Maybe we’re “stuck up.” Maybe we think we’re better than everybody.

To make matters worse, everybody’s standing around, inside their own protective bubble of “social safety” and waiting for somebody else to make the first move.

Why not you?

Why not be the person who walks over and starts the conversation?

Why not be the person who shows everybody else it’s still safe to be outgoing and expressive?

Of course, this won’t come as naturally as when you were a kid. But the benefits of being adult means you can decide HOW you think, instead of just relying on instincts.

And make no mistake, you CAN retrain your brain just as easily as you can learn anything else.

And you HAVE learned a lot in life already, right? (DJS)


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