Driving On The Dirt Roads Of The Mind!

Driving on the Dirt Roads of the Mind!

If you were driving across a few hundred miles of land, which routes would you take?

Huge, wide, super highways, or small back roads?

Unless you had plenty of time to kill, and wanted to experience local culture, you’d take the highway.

Generally speaking, when we decide to do anything, we take the shortest route possible. This doesn’t have to involve physical movement.

The idea of “killing two birds with one stone” is embedded deep into our psychology for economic reasons.

Every calorie we burn must be accounted for on a microbiological level, so our subconscious minds quickly calculate the least amount of energy needed to get what we want.

Sometimes, though, this doesn’t help us.

Just like real roads, our brains are a collection of superhighways and back roads. Whenever thoughts move around our brains, they take the easiest route.

Unfortunately, the routes that lead to fear are HUGE. This is so we stay safe, no matter where we are, and what we are doing.

Long time ago, our brains decided the most important rule, in all cases, was to not get injured.

This worked great in primitive cultures and environments, but not so much anymore.

Now we get tons of “false positives” when our brains think there’s something to be afraid of when there really isn’t.

This is why so many things that SHOULD be easy aren’t. We know what to do, but for some reason we think it’s hard, or we keep putting it off, or we imagine there’s somebody “out there” that is stopping us.

But here’s the deal. When we build up those back roads, in our brains, so that they are BIGGER than those factory programmed, fear-based super highways, taking action, ANY action will seem easy.

The false images of fear will be removed, and getting what we want will be as easy as baking a cake (at least if you know how to bake a cake!)

How do you do that? How do you build up those positive, “good feeling” paths in the brain so they are the go-to path for your thoughts?

A combination of mental exercises, prayer, meditation, yoga, hypnosis, subliminal’s, coaching, and/or counseling can help. Get into the habit of asking and receiving help. Most importantly, ask God to help as these types of challenges/ problems may require supernatural assistance.

These tools are some of the basic elements of Belief Change.

When you change those back roads into super highways, you’ll truly believe, on a deep level, that getting whatever you want can become easier. (DJS)


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