Who Does Your Life Belong To?

Who Does Your Life Belong To?

One of the hardest things to do as an adult is take responsibility.

One of the easiest things to do is overly depend on others, blame others, or see yourself as less than adequate.

You want something, something big. But we all have a ready made list of excuses why we don’t have it.

Maybe we think our education isn’t enough. Maybe we think we don’t have the right connections. Maybe we think there’s some hidden group of conspirators keeping us from the goods.

What makes it even worse is many times, those are all correct.

After all, having a good education, plenty of connections and a silver spoon certainly doesn’t hurt.

But the moment you blame others for your lack, in any capacity, you put yourself in a tough spot.

Because while it does feel good to shrug off responsibility, it also severely limits what you can accomplish.

If you want something, and can’t get it due to others, it doesn’t feel so bad. I mean, if you COULD get it, you would right? But since “those people” are keeping you down, why bother?

The problem with shifting blame (even when it’s factually accurate) is makes you DEPENDENT on the world.

You have to wait for “them” to give you what you want. What you need. What you desire.

While it does feel good to hold that fantasy in mind, that you’ll be given stuff for free, it’s not the best strategy for success.

Because pretty much everybody else on planet earth has the same exact game plan.
On the other hand, taking responsibility is scary. Risky. Prone with failure after failure.
But the upside potential is HUGE.

Instead of waiting to be “given” free stuff, you’ll be creating MUCH BETTER stuff.

Life is a long string of trial and error experiences. If you are prone to blame others, you’ll see each one as PROOF that “they” are holding you down.

On the other hand, if you see each one as a learning experience, AND a step closer to whatever you want, you’ll see those very same events as PROOF that you are DESTINED for greatness.
Same exact events, two different perspectives.

It all depends on what you CHOOSE to believe.

Believe about yourself, believe about your skills, and believe about your purpose in life.

Do you believe you are a victim, and can ONLY get good stuff if “the universe” decides to give it to you?

Or are you in charge of your brain, your actions, and your life? Can you see the world as one big canvas upon which to paint your masterpiece? Trust God and HIS Process and PLAN!

Something GOOD is Happening!!



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