Expressing Yourself…Speaking Your Truth!

Expressing Yourself To Other….Speaking Your Truth!

A common fear or anxiety is speaking up with an idea.

You’ve got this great idea, but when it comes time to express it, it doesn’t always come out the way you’d imagined.

Maybe you imagined your friends or that special someone responding a certain way. Positive, open, glad. But then when you start to deliver your message, the result is less than you’d hoped.

The tricky thing about comparing our expectations of reality to reality itself is that our brains are MUCH faster than the way things really play out.

It only takes a fraction of a second to imagine a good outcome. But once you start talking, and you feel all eyes are upon you, it can seem like forever. It doesn’t take long for that little voice inside to say something like, “See what happens when you open your big mouth?”

But here’s the thing. Most of the time, during the “unfolding of reality,” when all those eyes are upon you, they’re not really judging you or rejecting you. They’re just processing your message. They’re taking whatever you’re saying, and comparing it to whatever their experience is.

Even if the BEST case scenario happens (when they realize your idea is FANTASTIC), it won’t happen immediately. They’ll STILL have to digest it, think about it, compare it to their own ideas on the subject, BEFORE they realize what a good idea it is.

If you’re the slightest bit unsure of yourself, the time between the start of your message, and when they finally accept and acknowledge it will seem like a long, long time.

And whenever we’re in a situation like that, our uncertainties tend to EXPLODE in our brains, making huge mountains out of tiny molehills.

The truth is that most people (including YOU) have some good ideas. Great ideas. Fantastic ideas.

It’s only that when we deliver them, we are less than confident.

And here’s something REALLY important to understand. If you ever DO get rejected (which happens to everybody all the time) they aren’t rejecting your idea, or even you. They’re rejecting your DELIVERY.

Which is really your own INTERPRETATION of your own idea, in the face of imagined scrutiny.

The first clue people look to whenever you speak is not the content of your message. It’s how you deliver it. It’s your confidence, your facial expressions, your body language and your voice tone.

The secret is that if YOU believe your idea or suggestion is valid and true, and you deliver it like it is, everybody else will jump right on board without a second thought.



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