Life Is All About Taking Risk!

Life Is All About Taking Risk

Humans are born optimists. Well….most of the time!

Some people claim optimism is more prevalent in some societies, and not so much in others, but I disagree.

Humans wouldn’t be here unless we had the natural ability to look out into the future and imagine a better one.

Think about it this way, unless you had the consistent tendency to assume everything would go OK, you would rarely act. You’d think about doing something, imagine some kind of horrible outcome, and then hide in the corner.

And I’m not talking about going out and conquering the world, I’m talking about regular, everyday things like going to the store, checking out a new bookstore, making new friends, etc.. or something outside your comfort zone.

Sure, a lot of this has to do with experience. We have a pretty good idea that we’re going to be safe walking down to the ice cream shop. But there is ALWAYS uncertainty. There is ALWAYS a chance that you’ll get lost, get mugged, or get run over by a cement truck.

But the fact that these thoughts rarely cross your mind is an indication that deep within you is a natural optimist.

If you’re not yet going after those big dreams yet, it’s not because you’re afraid you’ll fail, even though it may feel like it.

Because in addition to being natural optimists, we humans also feel a bit uncomfortable in unknown situations.

When the situation is foreign and new, we are a little bit less “on top of things,” which of course increases uncertainty.

That’s why one of the most powerful skills you can develop is feeling comfortable (or comfortable enough) when the outcome of whatever you’re doing is far from certain.

The bottom line is that few things will turn out like we hope. There will always be unexpected events, outcomes, and setbacks.

The trick is not to eliminate risk, the trick is to feel comfortable in the face of risk. So you can just keep trying different things until you find something that works.

To look out into an uncertain world, filled with potential pitfalls AND wonderful results, and think to yourself, “Yep, I got this…”

To have an unshakeable faith in yourself to experience, learn, and achieve.

To believe that you are always exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you should.

Yes, Life is about taking Risk. How perfect is that!?



One comment on “Life Is All About Taking Risk!

  1. Incredible story there. What occurred after? Take care!

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