What If It Does Work?

What If It Does Work?

Most people, when coming up against risk and possible failure, ask themselves the question, “What if it doesn’t work?”

Meaning they focus on the potential negative outcome. Which of course increases the chance of it happening. This is similar to the thinking in NLP to “not use a negative.”

If you tell a kid to NOT do something, they’ll do it. Since “not” is an abstract concept, if somebody tells you to NOT cross the street against the red light, you’ll HAVE to imagine yourself crossing the street against the red light.

Of course, like any other quick and easy saying, this doesn’t always hold true. If I told you NOT to jump into the piranha tank at the zoo, you’d have to picture yourself jumping in, getting eaten, and then come back to me with a, “Yea, no kidding, genius!”

So in a sense, when we’re trying something when the outcome is uncertain, we’re kind of telling ourselves, on an unconscious level, to NOT fail. Then of course, we imagine failing. Which is the same as asking ourselves, “What if it doesn’t work?”

But as somebody famously said, the quality of your life is based on the qualify of the questions you ask yourself.

Once you train yourself to ask yourself, “What if it DOES work?” Then instead of feeling fear and anxiety in face of those uncertain situations, you’ll be thinking of all the cool stuff that will happen when you do succeed.

While you may not succeed in that particular instance, you WILL succeed eventually, if you KEEP taking action, and you KEEP asking yourself those positive questions.

The thing about asking yourself those positive questions is you’ll get a LOT more answers. If you fail, there’s only a few things that will happen.

(For those of you into trading, it’s kind of like the difference between shorting a stock and going long. If you short, you can only make so much. But if you go long, you can hang on for YEARS and make a fortune.)

But if you succeed, the sky’s the limit. There’s literally no telling what will happen once you succeed.

One success leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to more creative ideas and creative action.

This is what happens when you open up the TRUE creative genius in your mind. Not just higher intelligence, or a better memory, or passing all your tests with flying colors (AND a good night’s sleep) but the massive creativity that WILL make life magic….and FUN again.



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