Rediscover Your Brain Power

Rediscover your Brain Power!

Once upon a time, you were a raving genius.

Your brain and the world, through your perceptions and experience, were like opposite sites of a magnet, irresistibly attracted to one another.

You looked out into the world through your eyes, saw beautiful and fascinating things, touched and felt things, and learned how to interact with reality to get what you wanted.

It wasn’t always easy, in fact it rarely was. But it was fun. Trying, getting feedback, and trying again was pretty much the story of your life.

Relentlessly moving forward, learning, experiencing, and learning some more.

Then something happened.

All those helpful and loving adults suddenly changed their tune.

Instead of being so “cute,” you were suddenly a pain in the you-know-what.

Then when you went to school, it got even worse. A bunch of people, just like you, were being herded like cattle.

Told to sit there, (for hours and hours) in really uncomfortable chairs while you were forced to listen to some boring person talk about some boring subject.

There’s a myth that the brain somehow “shuts off” when we reach a certain age, and to some extent, maybe it does.

But I’m sure being plucked out of a fun, learning, and safe environment and forced into some scary brainwashing center (um, I mean “school”) doesn’t help much.

The good news is your genius is still there.

All you’ve got to do is remove all those layers of gunk that were laid down on top of it by years of education, and you’ll be amazed what you can do.

Luckily, it’s not so hard. Kind of like remembering to ride a bike again after being told it’s impossible.

Just get on and start peddling, and let the fun being.

Learning, discovering, and unleashing your MASSIVE creativity. Above all, focus your thoughts on that which is good, positive, and take action with strong belief that all things are possible…because they are!



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