Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Where Does “Inspiration” Come From?

Many people would LOVE to create a lot more in life, but feel they aren’t sufficiently “inspired.”

I’m sure you’ve heard the famous statement, “Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration,” and I think it’s commonly misunderstood.

People generally assume that once they feel “inspired” that “inspiration” will give them the motivation and energy to push through all that icky “perspiration.”

However, it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes you’ve got to start with the perspiration before you get any inspiration. Sometimes that magical one percent inspiration doesn’t come until you’ve put in fifty or even sixty percent perspiration.

Of all the geniuses throughout history, the ones that came up with ideas that literally changed the world, they didn’t get their ideas by passively sitting around waiting for a magical jolt of inspiration from the gods.

They worked tirelessly day in, day out, sometimes being ridiculed by their peers, BEFORE they got that inspiration.

What kept them going was not the inspiration itself, but the belief that it WAS COMING.

Think of somebody who loves to run every morning. I used to, so I speak from experience.

Getting out of bed is never easy, especially when it’s still dark outside.

Stretching, putting on your shoes, and starting the run takes an enormous amount of willpower.

But after I literally FORCED myself to do it every single day for a few weeks, it got easier and easier.

Not because I bounded out of bed every morning a huge desire to run around my neighborhood in the dark while everybody else was still sleeping, but because I KNEW what was coming.

Inevitably, after a couple miles, after I slipped into a rhythm and FORGOT I was exercising, I would get what people call a “runner’s high.” A mix of brain chemicals pumped into the blood that minimize physical discomfort and maximize feelings of euphoria.

But every single morning, part of me wanted to stay in bed. Part of me wanted to accept that it was OK to “go running tomorrow instead.”

Only by overcoming that internally placed obstacle with perspiration, did I ever experience that inspiration that I KNEW would come.

This is the TRUE secret of creation. Put in the work first, and the inspiration comes later.

Yes, I say again. Do the work first, and those genius inspirations WILL FOLLOW.



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