Identifying Insecurity

Identifying Insecurity

Let me ask you to do what may be an uncomfortable exercise. We’re going to examine statements that insecure people often make about themselves. As you read each one, ask yourself, Do I think similarly?

Insecure people make comments like:

• Why bother trying? I’ll never get it right.

• Everyone is looking at me, just waiting for me to make a fool of myself.

• I’m a failure.

• I am ugly and awful to look at.

• I can never win. I’m just a loser.

• No matter how hard I work, I never get any recognition.

• I am incompetent at everything.

• Nobody could ever speak well about me.

• I have failed before—once a failure, always a failure.

• I don’t see how anyone could ever like, respect, or accept me.

• I don’t deserve to be treated well.

• I don’t fit here or anywhere else.

• Everyone else looks so put together. I feel quite out of it compared to them.

• I am an incomplete person, and nothing can change that.

• Why would anyone care to hear what I have to say?

• People are nice to me only when they want something from me.

Did any of the above statements ring true for you? Prayerfully consider the ones that got your attention. Then, take those specific insecurities to the Lord, and allow Him to show you His truth in each area. God wants to set you free from anything hindering your spiritual development.



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