The Power Of Sight

The Power of Sight

The gift of sight allows us to take in so much information about the world around us. Not only do we receive facts and knowledge by looking at something, we also may receive inspiration or good feelings from what we observe. However, what we often don’t realize is that when we look at something, we aren’t just on the receiving end. We are also contributing and affecting the world around us, even if we don’t know it.

Quantum physics confirmed this concept through an experiment that was set up in order to ascertain whether matter was a particle or a wave. I’m not here to give a physics lesson, but the end result was startling. When not observed, matter behaved like a wave. However, when the matter was observed, it changed into a particle. In other words, scientific evidence proved that an observer does influence what is being observed. That means we all affect what we look at, and how we see things affects them profoundly.

The Sages teach that just as seeing bad in people has the ability to curse them, seeing good in people blesses them.

It’s a truly amazing idea. If we look at a person and focus on their faults, we give power to their negative traits. But when we focus on their good points, they will become better people. It is therefore imperative that we focus on the good in every single person whom we meet. In this way we will bless those people and help everyone we encounter to become his or her very best.



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