The Many Faces Of Fear

The Many Faces of Fear

Most of our fears are never realized.

Meaning we go through life with all kinds of things we are terrified of what might happen, but they never happen.

I remember once a long time ago, I made this HUGE mistake where I used to work. Based on the results of an experiment I was running (I worked in lab many years ago) the company made some big decisions.

Only I found out, after the money was spent, that I’d made a mistake, and the results were not even close to what I thought they were.

I was TERRIFIED of telling my boss. As soon as I did, he suggested we both talk to HIS boss, which was even scarier.

But something funny happened. I explained what happened, and she just said, “OK, so you’ve got something in place now so this won’t happen again?” To which I said of course. She said, “OK,” and started talking about something else.

I thought I was going to be fired, or worse, but the reality was much more plain.

No matter WHAT you’re afraid of, it won’t likely happen, even if you tried.

No matter WHAT your fears are, if you take some small, simple steps forward, you’ll likely be very surprised.

Especially if your fears involve interacting with others….or fearing change or the unknown,

But consider this. EVERYBODY has pretty much the same fears when it comes to interacting with others.

Rejection. Being told we’re idiots, or silly. Embarrassment.

Which is why when YOU make the first move, they’ll almost always open you with open arms.

Doesn’t matter if you’re making friends, looking for new clients, or just enjoying people.

To make things even easier, when you start off talking about THEM instead of throwing your ideas in their face (like most people do) they’ll be even more glad to meet you.

What fear(s) are you facing down today?



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