Who’s Bricks Are You Carrying?

Who’s Bricks Are You Carrying?

Have you decided what you want yet?

Many people struggle in life, at least in part.

Now, don’t get me wrong. A lot of times “struggling” is actually pretty good. Nothing emotionally or financially rewarding is going to be easy, or simple.

In fact, if you’ve ever gotten something that literally “fell into your lap,” then you might have worried that it was a mistake or something. Like some hand was going to reach down from the sky and say, “Hey! Gimme that back!”

If you look at pretty much ANY success story, you’ll find plenty of struggles, obstacles, setbacks, doubts, and points of near surrender along the way.

So in a sense, if you ARE struggling, that’s a GOOD thing.

But only if you’re struggling in the right direction, or on the right path.

The unfortunate truth of human nature is that we are incredibly easy to con.

Meaning our shortcomings, fears, raw desires are pretty easy to manipulate.

It’s all too common to live a life of struggle, only to find out you were toiling ceaselessly not for YOUR wants, needs and desires, but for somebody else’s.

Sure, you may be getting paid, and you may have a roof over your head, and enough food in the fridge to last a couple days, but this really isn’t living.

To be FULLY in control of your own life means you OWN EVERYTHING. And I’m not talking about material things.

I’m talking about choices, beliefs, and actions.

When you fully own these, your thoughts, actions, AND struggles, then you’ll have a deep feeling of purpose that few people ever know.

Think about it this way. Let’s say you’ve got a job unloading bricks from a truck. Some guy watches you, and screams bloody murder if you slow down.

At the end of the day, you get barely enough money to pay the rent and buy something to eat.

If you’re lucky, you get a couple days off work each week.

Pretty disappointing, right?

Now consider this. Same scenario, same physical labor involved, for the same amount of time.

But only in this scenario, you’re not unloading bricks. You’re unloading gold. Gold that you get to keep.

Now how do you feel about your “struggle”? Do you curse under your breath every time you pick up a brick? Or do you say to yourself, “Sweet.”

When you fully OWN your struggle, and you struggle for YOU instead of “them” (whoever they are) you will finally understand the meaning of your life.

Because it won’t be “their” life, it will be YOURS.



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