Commitment: Faith To Act

Commitment: Faith to Act

Commitment is an act not a word. What is commitment? Commitment is a phenomenon that can be experienced by a person and can be observed through actions. When we are committed to something, we do things differently. We put deep attention to it as we want to know almost everything about the situation, the person and the thing. We feel different when we are committed.

We also see commitment as a source of our success, when we are committed, we do all things to obtain results. We see commitment as a source of our accomplishments. Through our commitment, we learn to endure hardship and not quite but to continuously try even if we fail. Although we know there is no such thing as failure, there is only feedback. Commitment is not a commitment until a person expresses a word and action to it.

In essence, commitment is an action the moment we commit to it. And so after making a commitment through words, we are committed to take action. We are committed to transform our past to future. When we commit we aim for something bigger than our pasts.

What can we commit to today? (DJS)


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