Taking A Stand: Commitment

Taking a Stand: Commitment

Taking a stand for what you believe doesn’t always feel good. What are you committed to? What are your commitments? Are you ready to keep your commitments? Taking a stand is personal and is unique to every individual.

Once you have focused on your individual stands, it is certain that you will be able to see that stance in a real and tangible manner. You will find that you will start from where you are, working with what is important to you at this very moment in time.

Having a stand in upholding it is not just intended for making big decisions in life or during life major events. You stand must be made available and applied even for the routinely things that you happen to do daily. Your life is lived in accordance with how you begin to answer the questions.

What is your stand?
This question can also be stated differently such as what are my commitments?
For whom do I live?
What am I up to in life?
How am I meant to play a part?

These questions will serve as a guide to the discovery of your stand in life. Also if you really want to develop an effect, then you are to know your cause, for this cause is your commitment. In other words, you do not have any stand in life if you do not have anything that you are committed to, for taking a stand demands commitment. (DJS)


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