Asking The Right Questions

Asking The Right Questions

1) What are your challenges in life that you encounter as you take a stand?
2) How do you overcome these challenges?
3) When trials come your way, how do you embrace it?
4) How do you manage to accept the bad with the good that you expect?

The answers to the above questions reminds me of one of the women of the year named by Time magazine. Her name is Corazon Aquino, a former president of the Republic of the Philippines and a woman who for the good fight, stood firm against all the challenges that she faced in life.

Acquino used to be a plain housewife who did not want to be involved in politics.. not until her husband was killed fighting for democracy. She took a stand not just for herself but also for the benefit of an entire nation.

When Aquino became the president, criticisms, riots and coup attempts are just few of the challenges that she faced; yet she did not flee from any of it. She managed to face and embrace every challenge, big or small and kept her stand.

Aquino is just one of the many who took a difficult stand and position in life. Some people find it easy to take a stand while others find it hard. If one easily falls down it can be a challenge to get up. Getting up after a fall is habitual. So is staying down.

. Challenges are inevitable, and they can either strengthening you or break you. You are to face and embrace failure and sacrifices without giving up. Keep in mind that the strength of a building can only be tested and proven by how it can stand still despite the changing and challenging seasons.

To take a stand is to enjoy the success that it brings and also to endure the pain and failures that goes with it. Riots and criticisms may arise as you have taken the stand but remember that you are not a loser when you cannot withstand such things. We only become losers when we give up. It is very important that one gets this lesson right now and right here.

Challenges are inevitable in life and when it comes, we must be ready for it. However ready or not, we have to face it. So, take your stand and face everything that it brings to your life.


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