The Preservation of Integrity

The Preservation of Integrity

The preservation of integrity is something that not many people can do easily. The power of preservation lies within your ability to begin to feel the power of God within you moving you forward into a time that is ready to exist for you.

Often times, people tend to say things they do not mean, or neglect to put much thought into their words and subsequent actions. This is what makes integrity such a rare but admirable trait. All people want to be thought of as admirable, but not everyone is willing to commit to their word. In order to call yourself a person of high integrity, you must live up to moral codes, including the fulfillment of one’s promises.

It would help to keep in mind how your identity is tied to your integrity and your word. Knowing this, you will be more careful about the way you deal with others.

Everyone wants to like him or herself. If you want to be proud of whom you are, become a person who is worth being proud of. Becoming someone you can admire starts with working on how well you can live up to the promises you’ve made both to other people and yourself.

If someone breaks his or her promise, his or her credibility as a person is put into question. How can you make a stand for yourself when you do not even value your own word? How can you become respectable if you have not learned to respect yourself by being true to what you say?

Keeping a promise can be tricky for some people. Even though this is something that is very important for any person’s sense of self, it is often taken for granted. You must remember how important your word is, and how it should not be thrown around without care. Otherwise, your very identity will also be constructed carelessly and thrown around.

“It is better to not make a vow (promise/commitment) than to make one and not keep it.” (DJS)


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  1. Hi there, I log on to your blogs like every week.
    Your writing style is awesome, keep it up!

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