The Power of The Spoken Word

The Power of The Spoken Word

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Dr. William Mayo of the Mayo Clinic was known for his habitual use of praise and encouragement. Whenever a younger doctor read a paper at a staff meeting, Dr. Mayo would inevitably approach him afterward, put his hand on his shoulder, and offer a quiet word of encouragement, like “Good work!” Afterward the younger doctor would likely get a note saying, “Dear so-and-so, I learned more from that paper of yours the other night than I ever knew before.” It’s also said that Mayo’s smile and greetings to his patients as he made his daily rounds had almost as much to do with their recovery as his medicine.

Could that be said of you? What about at home to family members? On Sunday to church members? Through the week at work, school, and the marketplace?

While we can’t approve of everyone’s actions, we can always be as pleasant as possible in any given set of circumstances. We can build others up with encouragement, and we can ask God to always give us a word fitly spoken. How wonderful to express our approval in words of gold spoken in the right settings.

“Words are [powerful] seeds. Once planted… words will bring forth flowers or weeds, health or disease, healing or poison. You carry a great responsibility for their use.”



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