Life In The Fast Lane!

Life In The Fast Lane

On a recent road trip, I was thoroughly entranced by the wonders of the desert terrain when a big old semi began slowing down in front of me and I flipped on my turn signal to pass – more out of instinct than conscious thought.

And it occurred to me that passing others is frequently something we encounter on many levels throughout our life. Whether it’s raising the bar to pass your competition, or letting go of the past as it becomes a distant memory in your rear view mirror – we all have these moments and how we “pass” them by is very telling.

For example, conventional wisdom in Driver’s Ed 101 is that when you are passing someone on the highway, you focus on your own lane and not the vehicle you are passing. And for good reason!

Have you ever caught yourself in the passing lane and glanced at the car beside you — feeling the momentary pull of your vehicle draw you in closer than you really wanted to be at 65mph?

There’s a reason your driving instructor repeatedly reminded you to keep your eyes on the road in front of you and focus on your own lane. Human nature (not to mention the Natural Laws) reminds us that we are drawn to that which we put our attention toward and when passing a semi at top speed, the last thing you want to do is be drawn closer to his lane than yours.

And so it goes in life as well.

The people and the circumstances around you are being “driven” by the Universe and NOT propelled by your own personal momentum. They are there to play out their own reality while you are crafting yours. So to try and control or focus on them, is to be drawn out of your own lane (path) and will invariably throw you off course if you allow it to persist.

As you are motoring along the highway of life, think about this and picture in your mind’s eye the importance of focusing on the road in front of you instead of falling victim to being drawn into the path of those around you.

This holds true for a multitude of life’s circumstances, but the message remains the same:

Stay the course and you will prosper. Lose focus on your own path and you will be drawn into situations and circumstances which do not serve you and will be a detriment to the direction you are headed! (DJS)


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