What Do You Have Gratitude For?

What Do You Have Gratitude For?

“We come into abundance by being faithful, and we become faithful by having an “attitude of gratitude.”

Faithful in the Greek means “trustworthy, trustful.” Isn’t it interesting that part of being trustworthy means also being “trustful”? Since we are faithful people, we believe others are faithful, too. Not because we become an easy target, but because filled with faith, we see the good in others.

According to the determining factor, to have “abundance,” we must be faithful – “trustful and trustworthy.” This means you are safe and can be trusted. You make a promise and don’t change, even if keeping your word is unpleasant due to unforeseen circumstances. Abundance is given to a healthy vessel of “trust.” The implication here is that “I am responsible for, and am thankful for what I carry, possess or contain, because I know it has value.”

It’s impossible to feel grateful for something or someone that we do not value.

What do you value? What do you not value? When we depreciate something, we devalue or diminish its worth.

When we appreciate something (or someone!) we give value with approval and praise. When we appreciate things, we “mean” to increase their worth. This is the attitude we need to cultivate for our souls to prosper and to be counted worthy to be a teacher/guide over many.

Imagine that a leader comes into power who devalues and diminishes the people under them. That leader would be detrimental to the people they led. That leader would be seen as critical and destructive to those around him. This kind of leader could not cause their people to grow and prosper.

In order for you to become the leader God wants you to be, you have to become an “appreciator” of the people and things around you. When we see the treasure in others, we have true admiration and respect for them. When we act faithfully, we open the door for them to become who they are meant to be.

Let’s take time this Thanksgiving (always) to be truly thankful and grateful for all the many blessings we have been given.

Happy Thanksgiving…(DJS)


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