You My Friend, Are Right Now Shaping History..

I spotted a book the other day of “People Who Shaped History.”

The cover had thumbnail pics of “history makers” such as Churchill, JFK, Ghandi and so on, on it….

It got me thinking – whose history have you shaped?

Whose lives have you touched? (There are probably many you will never be aware of – strangers you’ve smiled at, a baby whose lost toy you once returned … who knows?).

Of those you’re aware of … friends in need, advice dispensed, a shoulder lent to cry on?

Have you ever thought that every time you spend money you help someone else to a living? (Imagine if we all tried to be Scrooges and kept all our money to ourselves all the time – no one would ever get any!).

What about charities you’ve given to?

And if you still don’t feel special, go down immediately to your nearest video store and rent “It’s A Wonderful Life” starring James Stewart, and watch it all over again!

Each and everyone of us has played an awesome roll in shaping history and it won’t do you any harm at all to recall some of those things and feel good about it.

In fact, why not leave a comment with some of the wonderful things you’ve done.

I’ll get the ball rolling – This morning when I was walking down the street to get my coffee, I smiled at everyone I walked past, and many of them smiled back at me. And maybe they passed that along as they past other people, who knows there might have been a small epidemic of smiles on my street today 🙂 (DJS)


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