Go Big !


Beliefs are everything!

Here’s the challenge that so many of you are having…

You’re smart and you know that you need to have positive
beliefs about money if it is going to flow freely into your life…

That means you feel like you can’t admit your limiting beliefs
about money…

So you fake it. You tell yourself and others that you believe
there is more than enough for everyone and that abundance
and prosperity are your birthright and yet…


So what’s the deal?

The deal is that you are on the right track, but you haven’t actually
changed the limiting beliefs you have about money. So they are
still there, defining your reality.

If you want a different reality, you need a different belief.

And the first step is to acknowledge what your limiting beliefs
are in the first place.

Don’t worry, by identifying them, we aren’t going to wallow in them,
in fact, it’s the opposite, when you actually stop and identify what
your real, limiting beliefs are about money, you begin releasing them.

So, do you know what your limiting beliefs are about money?

To reveal your limiting beliefs about money, ask yourself this question…

“I don’t have an abundance of money because ________________. ”

And whatever you put in the blank after because is what you
really believe about money. Ask yourself this question as many times
as you can until you finally run out of answers, then you will have revealed
ALL of your limiting beliefs about money.

And here’s the great news…

Awareness alone starts the shift within you. Once that shift begins,
THEN your beliefs change, and THEN your reality changes.

I believe in you!

You are extraordinary!

Go Big! (DJS)


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