Why Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is Still Relevant Today !

Think and Grow Rich, written by Napoleon Hill in 1937, is probably the most famous “self help” book of all time. It has been translated into numerous languages, and many millions of copies have been sold. It’s also one of the most widely downloaded e-books on the internet!

The question is, do the lessons taught by Napoleon Hill more than 70 years ago still have relevance today? I think they do, for a number of reasons. For this is one of those books that deals with eternal principles, not mere passing trends.

Hill had first written a book called Laws of Success, which contained 16 laws that were identified as crucial for succeeding at any endeavor. Think and Grow Rich expanded on these ideas, and condensed them into 13 success principles.

The 13 Steps outlined in Think and Grow Rich are:

1. Desire

2. Faith

3. Autosuggestion

4. Specialized Knowledge

5. Imagination

6. Organized Planning

7. Decision

8. Persistence

9. Power of the Master Mind

10. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

11. The Subconscious Mind

12. The Brain

13. The Sixth Sense

This, as you can see, is an extremely comprehensive list! What stands out is how many of these topics are still widely discussed today -though sometimes using slightly different terminology.

Many business leaders and success coaches, for example, understand the power of the master mind. This is a group of people who work together and pool their minds to develop even more effective strategies for success.

In Think and Grow Rich, Hill explains how powerful this is, and how several minds working together are more than the sum of the parts.

What’s also impressive about Hill’s principles is the way they combine the practical, the psychological and the spiritual. While he understood the importance of imagination, autosuggestion and the subconscious mind, he didn’t ignore the necessity for persistence, practical planning and specialized knowledge. When you put all these together, you become unstoppable!

As mentioned, the master mind principle recognizes that a group of minds working together is exponentially more powerful than individuals working alone. In a similar way, we can see Hill’s 13 steps as a kind of master mind of their own. That is, using these principles together will yield you far more powerful results than using only a few of them.

Ignoring any of these steps will reduce your ability to manifest the results you want. Persistence, for example, sounds fairly obvious, but it’s an absolutely essential ingredient if you are going to get past the inevitable obstacles that will sometimes block your path!

At the same time, some people who teach positive thinking and motivation ignore the importance of imagination. This is what allows us to come up with new concepts and break free of old limitations. The genius of Hill was in his ability to put all of these principles together in a perfect package.

Think and Grow Rich is not a difficult book to read. Hill was a master at writing clearly. Yet mastering the principles in this book isn’t so easy. This is why it’s a book that’s well worth reading over and over again!(DJS)


3 comments on “Why Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is Still Relevant Today !

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