Your Life Purpose: Why Take the Time to Know?

Your Life Purpose: Why Take the Time to Know?

In today’s life coaching article, I will write about our life’s purpose and a few easy steps to help us identify what our life purpose may be.

Have you ever asked yourself that all important question – what am I here for? Well, most of us want to know. So, as we begin on our journey to identify and fulfill our life’s purpose, I believe the first step is to fully understand what our purpose is. How do we do this? I thought to myself, since we spend most of our lives in service (working), identifying what we love to do most in the form of service, or work, is very important. We often see television interviews or read newspaper articles about people that are extremely successful in their line of work. This extreme level of success manifested from their passion and desire. They put all of their time, focus and energy into one purpose and they became super successful. To me, passion and desire are the driving force of achievement and are the source of a natural flow of energy. Serving our purpose is like living in truth. It just works effortlessly. It literally converts work into play.

The Power of Purpose

A story that comes to mind, is of a good friend of mine. He wanted to become a dentist when we were in high school. After four years of college, he realized that he wasn’t doing what he wanted, but what he thought his family wanted him to do. He could not find the desire to continue his studies even after four years of hard work. He found more interest in philosophy and psychology courses and courses that involved advancing human potential. He decided not to continue his studies to become a dentist and joined the workforce instead. Years had gone by in a “job,” when he finally realized what he wanted to do. Today, he is a manager and is developing the level of success he desires by learning to apply simple principles to his life which contribute to his life’s purpose. He understood that he needed to follow his passion, and even more, he decided to break away from the fear and pressure he thought he felt from his family to continue on his initial, “promise” to become a dentist. He enjoys coaching and developing his staff members to achieve their goals. He works many hours, but it is effortless because he loves what he does. Looking back at his accomplishment, I think when we feel the fear, but persevere and do what we want anyway, we have truly followed something that we are passionate about. When the work we do is congruent with our life’s purpose, it bring us joy and happiness without effort. That is the power of living our purpose.

How to Help Identify Your Purpose

Are you having trouble finding your life’s purpose? Well, here is a method I used to help identify mine, which I adopted from a few different methods used by many life coaches:

1. What three activities make you the happiest when you do them? (examples: read, research, write, paint, exercise, drive, help others)

2. What three qualities do you possess that stand out to others? (examples: creativity, loving, funny, compassionate, helpful, caring)

3. What three things could you work on for hours at a time and enjoy (examples: non-profit work, math, web design, management, public speaking, accounting)

4. What three things do you like learning about the most? (Note: You may notice that you learn more easily about things you enjoy)

5. Look at your answers to these questions. Are you starting to see your purpose formulating. Ask yourself this final question while keeping all these answers in mind:

6. If I could create my life’s purpose from these answers in the form of a career, what level of personal joy and fulfillment could I generate?

After you finish answering these questions, think about the essence of these answers. They are connected to your life’s purpose. Also, if you can match these answers to a form of valuable service to others, you will be able to monetize (a David word) something that you love doing. Your work can then become your life’s purpose, and the level of success in many areas of your life can be enhanced. Best of all you are steadily creating and learning to live a life that brings fulfillment.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, there is real value in taking the time to identify your purpose. By first identifying your purpose in life and then finding a way to turn that into some form of service, you can increase your chances of not only living a life of purpose, in fact you can also increase the chance of living a happier, more fulfilling life! (DJS)


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