Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight

Although physical activity has many proven benefits, new studies reveal that eating right is the foundation for successful weight loss. For instance, if you hold your daily intake to 500 calories less than you expend, you are going to create a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories in a week which will lead you to lose one pound. On the other hand, if you aim to lose the same amount of weight in one week’s time through exercise alone, you’ll have to walk every day for about 3.5 hours at a speed of 2 mph. Hence, it is justifiable to say that watching what you eat is a lot more effective than working out if you aim to lose weight. Eating right could mean different things to different people. But generally, it means eating healthy, balanced meals as suggested by the USDA Food Guide. More specifically, eating right means letting real, natural foods such as vegetables, fruits, and proteins as well as complex carbohydrates make up most of your daily food intake.

The 4 worst foods when you’re trying to lose weight

You should be avoiding foods that offer empty calories or no nutritional value. There are a lot of these out there — but here are some of the worst:

1. Soda

Soda is one of the leading sources of empty calories. It is filled with nothing but sugar and offers absolutely no nutritional value. In short, it fills your body with a great deal of calories but zero nutrition. If you drink soda on a regular basis, you will be susceptible to weight gain. Think about it – a can (330 ml) of Coke contains around 160 calories. This means that drinking one can of Coke every single day will add up to 4800 extra calories or 1.4lbs at the end of a month and 57,600 extra calories or 16.8lbs in a year.

2. Alcohol

If you want to lose weight fast, you need to stay away from the booze. Like soda, alcohol also contains only empty calories and has no nutritional value. It does not in any way satisfy your appetite or give you the feeling of fullness, so it does not keep you from eating less food but still adds a sizable amount of calories to your diet. It also has a tendency to loosen your resolve to lose weight and make you eat without thinking. And lastly, being a depressant, alcohol slows down your metabolism. In terms of calories, drinking one can of beer is like gulping down three whole apples, but without any of the nutrients.

3. Trans Fats

Trans fats, which are found in many fried and processed foods, are said to be the worst form of fat. Studies reveal that a person whose calorie consumption is composed of 8% trans fats will likely see a 7.2% increase in body weight in 8 years’ time. Trans fats not only trigger weight gain but also cause fat from other regions of the body to move to and store in the abdominal region. The best way to avoid trans fats is to keep away from processed food. When buying products, check the label or ingredient list for words like “partially hydrogenated”, “hydrogenated”, “high stearate”, and “stearic rich”. These are clues to tell you trans fats are on board.

4. Refined Grains

Basically, refined grains include white flour, white bread, white rice, white pasta and their derivatives. These are what nutritionists often label “bad carbohydrates,” because they are responsible for many people’s weight gain and are also associated with many degenerative diseases. Refined grains are stripped of their fiber and nutritional contents as they are processed, leaving only sugar, starch and an enriched taste. Starch and sugar tend to get converted to fat and stored in the body – hence, making people fat. If you want to lose weight without totally eliminating grains from your diet, go for whole grains or whole grain products.


3 comments on “Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight

  1. mattbbody says:

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  2. zfarley44 says:

    Great advice, I do agree on the 4 foods not to eat. They are loaded with unneeded sugars and empty calories that do no good to your body. Its amazing how the human body can handle so much torture of unhealthy foods and beverages.

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