What Can You Do To Celebrate Life?

What Can You Do To Celebrate Life?

“Soul” is not a thing, but a quality or dimension of experiencing
life and ourselves. It has to do with depth, value, relatedness,
heart and personal substance.” – Thomas Moore

Part of living a deeper, richer life is honoring what is important
to you. You can do this through ritual and celebration. You may be
part of a group or religion or culture that still focuses on
rituals and rites of passage. But, for many, there is not much
formal ritual remaining in their lives.

But, that’s okay, you can make your own ritual. Let’s take your
participation with me here as an example. Design ways to honor
and acknowledge the shifts and changes you experience as you
move on your personal journey.

Let’s look at some possibilities.

1. Write down what you have decided to release in your life, for
example, your limiting beliefs and stories, and then burn the paper
in the fireplace. Light some candles and make a declaration of
freedom from limitation out loud. You can do this anytime you want
to let go of something in your life. Ask God for help in achieving this goal.

2. Celebrate the completion of your Follow-up Items by honoring at
least one major insight you had through doing them. You can do this
when you complete one Item on your list. You can decide how and
how often you celebrate. Remember that you are celebrating the person
you are becoming.

3. Make a commitment in writing to yourself – a contract – for what
you are focusing on in Follow-up. If you decide you no longer want
to fulfill the contract, have a ceremony to dissolve the contract –
don’t just blow it off.

4. Write a mission statement for yourself on how you choose to live
your life. (Reaching for a goal will always change who we are and how we see
life. This is part of a mission statement.) Frame and display it where you can see it everyday.

5. Find a special totem to keep in your pocket or on your desk to
remind you of what you value most. (I carry a small angel coin given
to me from a dear friend.)

I encourage you to make a big deal out of the little things in
your life – for yourself and your family – create traditions that
honor you and yours simply for being the magnificent people that
you are. Have fun!

What can you do today to celebrate your life? (DJS)

(Texas Medical Center Hospice..Houston, Tx)


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