The only guarantees in life are how we choose to conduct ourselves, who we choose to be, and what we commit to do.

Our conduct is based on virtues we choose to embody on a daily basis. You can create your own code of conduct, by asking yourself:

To what emotional states am I committed to practicing & living in today?

To what standards do I choose to hold myself, regardless of what happens?

For example, you might choose to be:


How do you choose to conduct yourself, regardless of the events around you, or the choices other people make?   What standards do you choose to live by?

We choose who we are by asking ourselves what we believe in, what we value and what our rules are for living our lives. Most people are unaware of the beliefs, values and rules they possess, even though these qualities determine whether or not they feel fulfilled in life.  These elements govern the choices we make, the people we are attracted to, who we aspire to be, and how we live our lives.

Pretty important!

To explore your beliefs, finish these sentences:

I believe success takes…
My life is…
People are…
Love is…
When I fail I believe…
When I succeed I believe…
To be healthy I believe…
To be happy is…

Now ask yourself, do your beliefs serve and support you? Or are they holding you back?

If your current beliefs they don’t support you, what new beliefs would? Write down three or four beliefs you know would support you in the life you want to live. Remember, there’s no right or wrong answers, only what we choose to believe.

For example, one client did the above exercise and discovered she believed love was difficult and unsafe. Examining this belief, she realized it had kept her in emotionally unsafe relationships for years. She decided to change her belief to, “I deserve love.” To live up to this belief, the current boyfriend had to go. Now she’s in a new relationship with someone who values her, rather than belittles her.

Spend the week looking at and challenging your beliefs.  Try committing yourself to at least one new belief that serves the life you want.  Then check in next week for Part Two!


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