Let Go of Past Fear #3: Make It a Goal

Letting go of the past requires a lot more action that you might think.  It’s not as simple as thinking to yourself, “I’m letting this go…poof!”  Like all worthy goals, it requires some actual work on your part.  What kind of actions can you take to stop allowing past failures to affect future actions and future success?

  • Make a goal – write it down and date it.  Mine was to no longer allow past failures to negatively impact future decisions.
  • List all the obstacles in the way of achieving that goal.  You may be surprised to find that nearly all of them are internal, and most are based in fear.
  • Identify ways to meet and overcome those obstacles.  Since most of them are inside your head, put something new in there.  Fill up on positive, inspirational, motivational thoughts (I listened to self-esteem self-talk audio) to hack out the roots of your old ways of thinking.
  • Any time a challenge (fear) comes up, recognize it, look at it, and take an action in spite of it.

Remember, just because you failed today, yesterday, or just a moment ago, that doesn’t mean you will never succeed. Change your approach, and try again. I can tell you from experience, it’s better than living in the past and never allowing yourself to be free.

Final Thoughts on Letting Go of the Past

Remember, you get what you focus on.  Focusing negatively on past failures will almost always result in more failure. Use those experiences as lessons to guide you to future success.

Everyone has failed at something. Failing just means you’ve eliminated one possibility – you know that won’t work, so try something else. It took Edison thousands of tries to get the light bulb to work the way he wanted. If he’d remained mired in all those failures, we might be sitting in the dark right now!

Learning to let go of the failures will keep you going!


One comment on “Let Go of Past Fear #3: Make It a Goal

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