Letting Go of Past Fear #2: Perceptions

In order to move forward, I had to ask myself some good (hard) questions. Believe me, finding the answers was not easy, but they are usually invaluable wake up calls. 

Here’s a big one about letting your past dictate your present:  To what extent do I believe that my life today is affected negatively by things that happened to me in the past?  Why?

Remember last week’s post about test anxiety?  When I applied this question to that experience, I saw how it had grown, and my fear of failure didn’t just apply to tests any more.  I was afraid of speaking up in meetings, of asking for a raise (back when we actually got raises), or even just asking to take one of my (earned) vacation days.

My perception of my past failures had grown into a monster.  I failed a test, so I will fail at every test, so I am a failure.   I don’t deserve…I’m not worth…They will just say no…

It had gone too far! 

Are you letting your past determine who you are today?  The ability to let that go and create yourself anew, each and every day, is completely in your hands.


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