Every Day is Like a Deck of Cards

Every day is a new one. When we are little, we are taught that if you plan adequately, every day will go according to plan. Unfortunately, life doesn’t really do that in most instances.

Life is like a deck of cards. It gets shuffled every day and a new set of circumstances are presented, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Sometimes a good hand may stretch out for years, then suddenly…. the deck changes, as quick as croupier’s touch on the roulette wheel, or the flicked wrist of a blackjack dealer.  Often, the cards may seem to be stacked against you, day after day, year after year. After each shuffle, the cards fall again in the wrong sequence.

Is there a way you can change this course of destiny?  In a way; No life exists without adversity, no matter how much money or power you have. But those who are positive and creative in facing that adversity cope better than those who don’t.

Take the example of a rich couple with full, happy lives, who suddenly have the child they’ve always wanted.  The cards seem to be shuffling in their favor, right?  Then the child is born with a serious birth defect.  A shuffle goes against them.  BUT, aren’t they uniquely prepared – with their strong love for each other and larger income – to deal with this situation?  A positive and creative viewpoint can make even the “bad hands” easier to deal with.

What about a man who is only a couple years from retirement when his employer goes out of business?  That’s a pretty tough hand to be dealt.  Suppose that man stayed positive, remained willing, and was eventually offered a consulting job at higher pay?  A good shuffle!  But he had to wait, sit there with his bad cards but stay in the game, believing that each day was a chance for a new hand.

You can also do some things to “stack the deck”, and prepare yourself for the days when the bad cards are dealt:

  • Educate yourself and your children. There’s no excuse for any child to miss out on an education in life skills, math, and science. 
  • Save a little money every day. Start with $1 a day, literally taking it out of your pocket and putting it in your cookie jar.  Eventually, this habit will become automatic and so easy you will find it possible to sock away $5 a day, or sometimes even $10.  Why, in 20 years you may just be able to retire!
  • Find creative ways to make do with less.  Then you’ll appreciate it when you are able to splurge. For example, pay down your mortgage as quickly as you can so that you save thousands of dollars in interest payments.
  • Buy on credit only so that you have a good credit rating.  This may go against the advice of others, but remember you are paying off that credit balance immediately, before costly interest payments build up.
  • Live within your means, but aspire always to more so that you continually grow, prosper and improve yourself.

If today’s shuffle deals you a raw hand, just shrug it off because a new deal is coming tomorrow!


3 comments on “Every Day is Like a Deck of Cards

  1. Jun E Caniel says:

    very true… Very Jun E! Thank you

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