Surrender to the Flow!

Breakthroughs do not happen when we are stressed. They happen when we finally let go and stop struggling. Resistance is at the heart of struggle. Although what we are resisting feels like it is “out there” the resistance is really inside of us. That is, if you are resisting anything you are really fighting yourself.

When we resist something we increase the amount of struggle in our lives, thus increasing how much scarcity we experience.

When we resist, we make things harder than they have to be. By making things difficult we create struggle and prolong getting where we want to be.

Often, we make things complicated because we are afraid to decide. We fear the unknown (What will happen if…?), and we fear making a mistake. The excuse I hear most is that my clients are afraid of making the wrong decision.  They fear being permanently locked into the consequences of their choice.

Consider this for a moment: What if there are no “wrong” choices, only choices? Even if we don’t make the best choice, we will be guided to what we need to learn.

All great athletes understand this concept. They know they can only anticipate so much, but have to make constant, instantaneous decisions IN THE MOMENT.

So who doesn’t want to stop struggling? More people than you can imagine. I struggled for most of my life with the illusion of struggle. The strongest power of any illusion is its ability to keep you believing it is real.

Giving up struggle is twofold.  You must let go of both the past and the future to activate what is needed right now. Your hard work alone cannot create results. You must also give up struggling and trying to force things to happen.

Flow happens when we accept and embrace “WHAT IS”. Flow happens when we release our death grip on resistance and insistence and instead step back and take more conscious actions.

Flow is the lack of resistance. It is effortless. The magic happens when you believe in possibilities and the get out of your own way.


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